The journal "Digital Democracy and Electronic Government", ISSN: 2175-9391, invites the academic community to submit unpublished scientific papers that will compose the 2022 issue. The journal's subjects include Electronic Government, Digital Democracy, Digital Inclusion, with a current focus on E-Justice, Legal Informatics and Artificial Intelligence applied to Law. The manuscripts will be submitted to double-blind peer review and, if approved, will be published immediately (Ahead of Print - AOP). Saiba mais sobre CALL FOR PAPERS (2022)

Edição Atual

v. 1 n. 23 (2023): 32º Encontro Ibero-americano de Governo Eletrônico e Inclusão Digital - Ahead of Print (AOP)
Publicado: 2023-08-06

32º Encontro Ibero Americano de Governo Eletrônico e Inclusão Digital

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Revista Democracia Digital e Governo Eletrônico - ISSN: 2175-9391

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